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Normally described as a conundrum, you won't find your average tech nerd here. Although I specialize in building web applications (among other things), I am often spending my time spraying dirt on my motorcycles, shredding on a jet ski, or peddling through terrain on a bike. I am organized, detailed, and invested in whatever I am working on. I also spend a lot of my time further developing my skillsets in all aspects. I enjoy stimulating my cognitive side and exploring new situations. Difficult tasks do not deter me and only further my need to solve them. I am not afraid to look to other resources around me when necessary. Please take a moment to see where I've been and what I have accomplished.



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AWS, Serverless

Main cloud computing plaform that I am familiar with. Exprience includes IAM, Cognito, Route 53, CloudFront, Lambda, API Gateway, S3

Developed our applications using the Serverless framework for simplicity of configuration and deployment

Node.js, TypeScript, React/Redux, Vue, Material UI, Express, Bulma, Vitest, Mocha, Chai, Jest

Primary development stack used at IdeaRoom and Versabuilt.

At Versabuilt which I built a product, Robot2CNC, utilizing a Raspberry Pi to create an application for communication between a robot and a CNC machine using a user interface, REST API, or text based API.

ASP.NET MVC with C#, LINQ, Razor, HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, Telerik Tools

The main stack that I developed web applications in for WhiteCloud and Relias. I have created and maintained several major applications for both internal and customer use. The functionality of these applications ranged from data entry, data load, and data management to user creation and management.

SQL - SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, TypeORM

My team managed St. Luke's data warehouse as well as our own application databases. I created and maintained databases, tables, views, and stored procedures on a daily basis.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

Experience creating CI/CD pipelines with Azure Devops, Bamboo and Octopus Deploy, Travis CI, CircleCI, AppVeyor and Heroku.

Microsoft BI Stack: SSMS, SSIS, SSAS, SSRS

I worked as a BI Developer for some time at WhiteCloud where I worked with the Microsoft BI stack on a day to day basis.


I've used Docker, specifically Docker Compose in several projects to run Node, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and PGAdmin services for development and testing.


I've used PowerShell to automate processes such as downloading files from a SharePoint site or FTP to automating local development machine setup by downloading necessary files and building and deploying projects.

Java, C

Most of my Java and C programming comes from school and I do not have much real world experience.


Built and maintain a couple of local business websites. The local motorcycle club website Owyhee Motorcycle Club and StoreyTails LLC.


I began learning Python to help automate processes for work and my own enjoyment such as Raspberry Pi projects.

Business Intelligence Markup Language (BIML)

BIML is an XML dialect used to write business intelligence solutions. Combined with BimlScript (C# nuggets embedded in Biml), we were able to turn our SQL Server ETL packages into dynamic and modular files based on templates. Allowing changes to be applied across multiple packages with a single change. This allowed us to simplify and speed up the development process.


Software Engineer
Aug 2020 - Present

Working with a highly skilled group of developers on a 3D configurator application to create the most effective, delightful buying and selling experiences for customized products.

  • Engineer on a 3D configurator with over 600 clients and over half a million monthly users
  • Mentored newly onboarded engineers
  • Build and maintain client application to manage data, sales leads, dealers, and order management
  • Built an internal tool for onboarding new clients and managing client configuration data
Contractor - Blue Cross of Idaho
Programmer Analyst
Feb 2020 - Aug 2020

Working on the Data Integrations and Delivery team focused on providing clients with up to date billing data.

  • Creating custom data integrations and delivery applications for clients given specific business logic
  • Templatizing generic inbound and outbound project applications
  • Helped automate build and deployment of databases using SQL Server Data Tools
Versabuilt Robotics
Software Engineer
Jan 2019 - Oct 2019

Worked on a small team of developers focused around providing robot automated CNC solutions to manufacturers worldwide.

  • Developed a product, Robot2CNC, utilizing a Raspberry Pi to bridge the communication of various robots with a variety of CNC machines over Serial or Ethernet IP
  • Created a user interface, REST API, and text based API to communicate with the Robot2CNC for ease of use and versatility
  • Responsible for helping with the release of the latest software for the main company product VBX160
  • Improved drivers for controlling Robots and CNC machines
WhiteCloud Analytics - A Relias Company
Software Engineer
May 2017 - Jan 2019

In May of 2017 WhiteCloud Analytics was acquired by Relias (formerly Relias Learning). With this change came new opportunity to move around in the company. I moved to a team that was responsible for creating a Common Data Platform which would be the central hub for loading, housing, maintaining, and reporting for all analytics applications. On the team I worked on creating a web application that would allow for other developers to create metrics in a fraction of the time. I also helped create and maintain the automated build and deploy using Bamboo and Octopus. Created automated scripts for quickly setting up or restoring to a fresh state on the servers as well as local development machines. Used Biml and BimlScript to convert the existing load packages into dynamic and modular script files. This allowed existing packages and any new packages to be created using a simple configuration file.

  • Developer on a team responsible for creating the architecture used to load, store, maintain, and report on all analytics data across multiple clients
  • Designed and implemented an ASP.NET MVC application used to create and maintain healthcare metrics
  • Developed and maintained the teams automated build and deploy using Bamboo and Octopus
  • Created automated setup scripts for servers and local machines
WhiteCloud Analytics
Solutions Architect/Scrum Master/Mentor
Dec 2014 - May 2017

Following a year and a half intership with WhiteCloud, I was offered a full time position on the Research team. My team worked directly with St Luke's Health System, taking feedback on what type of problems they are trying to solve and quickly creating applications focused around achieving outcomes. I worked directly on an application focused around improving the quality of care provided to patients. I started taking over this application as an intern and fully lead by the time I was hired full time. From there I focused much of my time automating the data load, cleaning up the database, and rewriting application code for reusability so that I could focus on other endeavors. The question of Single Sign On was brought up in an effort to reduce the user support by members of our team. In order for this to be possible, I needed to move our applications to a framework that could support SSO. I took the lead on recreating our front end application with ASP.NET MVC, having no knowledge of the MVC framework or SSO, I took the initiative to learn what I needed to accomplish this task. I then joined a team focused on creating a platform for loading, processing, and maintaining the various healthcare organizations data.

  • Lead developer responsible for the introduction and implementation of ASP.NET MVC web applications for internal use as well as client interaction
  • Implemented Single Sign On for all of our applications using St. Luke's Health System's ADFS system as our IDP. This allowed us to eliminate maintenance of user passwords
  • Created simple API endpoints for use by other applications to retrieve data
  • Designed and implemented the data Extraction, Transformation, and Load (ETL) and data mart structures for various applications
  • Developed enterprise wide automated validation across production applications
  • Adopted the Agile Methodology to collaborate with clients to gather requirements, design a Proof of Concept, implement a development environment for User Acceptance Testing and deploying to Production
  • Responsible for building, supporting, and troubleshooting data issues within complex ETLs, Stored Procedures, MDX and SQL queries
  • Work closely with Project Manager and client to ensure timely, successful implementations
  • Collaborating with various members of the team
WhiteCloud Analytics
Jun 2013 - Dec 2014

After a couple years of school I started looking around for an internship at a tech company and came across WhiteCloud, a small startup in downtown Boise. Upon applying I was able to secure a position where began taking on simple tasks of fixing bugs, adding minor updates, and taking over data loads. When the need for a front end ASP.NET VB application to be taking over, updated, and maintained I eagerly stepped up to task. This was my first non-CMS website and I was able to take it from a basic web page that displayed the current users list of application and expand it to add administrative functionality. With that the application allowed the creation of users which would create the user in the Active Directory and add them to the list of groups while also updating the information in the database.

  • Maintained complex applications through data load, ETL, development, and production
  • Implemented a customer facing ASP.NET application to display user applications and manage user access
  • Provided user support to hospital customers utilizing WhiteCloud applications
Flynn's Saddle Shop
Web Administrator
Feb 2008 - Jun 2013

I began my first official work experience at a small tack shop in Boise where I started out working in the back room loading grain bags for customer, running the fork lift and stocking shelves. After some time I began running the register and helping with orders. Once comfortable with that, I expressed interest in helping out with their outdated website. After getting comfortable with the existing website and getting it up to date, I led the process of migrating the website over to WordPress for easier maintenance. This was my first real exposure to websites and helped me learn a great deal…mostly the hard way.

  • Created and designed the company's WordPress e-commerce website
  • Maintained website content and inventory
  • Managed the company’s brand development to increase sales
  • Increased website traffic growth using SEO


I attended Boise State Universarity in pursuit of a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and accomplished my goal in December 2014.